Os Tres Gatos

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ocean Breeze

Our olive oil is now sailing! We were recently introduced to New Dawn Traders, a great organization that work, as they put it on their website, “with sailing cargo vessels to import fine produce from across the Atlantic Ocean and along European coastlines.” You can also track the position of the Blue Schooner Company’s ship, De Gallant, here. Below are two pictures of the ship, one passing under Tower Bridge.

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 5.02.41 PM

gallant london

Tasting notes

Our olive oil is an expression of our historic, ecologically managed olive grove’s soil, wild flora, and microclimate, and of its classic Alentejo varieties. Because we harvest earlier than is traditional, however, it is greener and more intensely herbal than most Portuguese olive oil. Our description here is based on the sensory analysis of a panel of international judges at the Escuela Superior de Aceite de Olive (ESAO) in Valencia, Spain:

Os Tres Gatos Organic opens intensely green on the nose, with notes of herbs, fresh-cut grass, mulberry, green tomato, and tomato leaf. In the mouth, it has a pleasant medium fluidity and a distinct bitterness on the tongue, followed by a moderate peppery kick. It is well balanced, the green aromatic notes, bitter edge, and pepperiness blending nicely, and has intense retronasal persistence, with lingering notes of green fruit and freshly cut olive wood.

For more on the taste and aromatic qualities of olive oil, click here.

High phenolic

EU 432/2012 states that taking 20g daily of olive oil containing 250 mg/kg of polyphenols or above can contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. At bottling, our olive oil had 423 mg/kg!

So, what does that mean? Why care about K270? And what is meant by waxes in olive oil? Here is an explanation of the data on the label, why the numbers are important, and some eye-opening facts on the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.